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Our platform is tailored for the movers and shakers of the economy, not just any business. While the big guys are well-known, we are here to support and uplift your mom-and-pop shop.

Are you an independent, non-chain business? Can your customers leave online reviews? If you answered yes to these questions and desire more online reviews, then it’s time to sign up for an account.


Leaving a review or connecting with your favorite business online is a simple task that can make a big impact. Follow these steps to show your support:

  1. Identify a business you know and love.
  2. Access their profile.
  3. Share your experience by leaving a review on your preferred platform.
  4. Engage with them online to strengthen the connection.

That’s it! By taking these actions, you contribute to the growth and success of local small businesses. Your support truly makes a difference.

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Boost Your Online Presence

In today’s increasingly digital world, it’s crucial for your Michigan-based business to have a robust online presence. Being listed on only a couple of websites won’t cut it anymore given the fierce competition in virtually every industry. If your business isn’t immediately visible and accessible to potential customers, you risk losing them to competitors.

Consider this – your potential customers are scattered across various online platforms, from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to review platforms like Yelp and Google. If you’re not present on all these sites, you’re missing out on countless opportunities to connect with these potential clients. Moreover, incorrect or outdated listings can also harm your business’s reputation and credibility.

But don’t worry! We’ve got a solution for you. We offer a free scanning tool that shows you exactly where your business stands in real-time. This tool will help you identify any missing or erroneous listings, enabling you to correct them promptly. Ensure your business gets the visibility it deserves, and stay ahead of the competition.

Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Page on This Site.

As a business owner, you are all too familiar with the struggle of gathering online reviews and “likes” to boost your visibility. It’s overwhelming to remember all the different links on the internet where your business is listed. Moreover, guiding your clients on how to reach these sites and what to do once there can be a tedious process for both you and your customers.

You’re not alone in feeling like managing your online presence is a hassle. Juggling multiple platforms, remembering countless URLs, and then patiently explaining the process to your clients – it’s a lot! And let’s face it, the digital world is not slowing down. Your online reputation plays a pivotal role in attracting new potential customers, and you can’t afford to let it slide.

Fortunately, we have a solution that simplifies this entire process! With a profile on, you can direct your customers to just one place. Your business name will be prominently displayed on the homepage, making it easy for your clients to find and connect with you. They can view every single online review and social media site where your business is registered, encouraging them to leave reviews and engage with your brand. Simplify your online reputation management, attract more exposure, and make it easier for customers to engage with your business online.


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