Would you like to show up more places on the internet?


The internet world has MANY social media websites where people interact with family, friends, AND businesses.

There are review type websites (Yelp, Google, etc.), as well as interactive sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Realistically, your Michigan business should be listed in ALL of them! (even if you do not actively participate on them).

The purpose of being found on all of those sites, is that you never really know where your customers are going to come from.
Being listed on these sites will connect these potential new clients with your business. (you can setup email forwarding to make sure you receive their messages).

If you are only registered on 1, 2 or 3 select websites, that is NOT going to cut it in today’s society.
There is so much competition in your industry, if YOU aren’t immediately available to these customers , they WILL find someone who is!

THAT is a problem! But one which can be remedied.

We offer as a package deal a beneficial service of registering your business on the different social media & review websites from the list below.
Your choice of which sites, or we can select the most appropriate for your line of business.
All of your pertinent contact & location information will be listed with these places, for a one-time fee of only $50.

All websites will be registered using YOUR email address. (a new gmail account will be setup for you if need be).

[This service includes submission/listing of contact & location data, initial site creation as needed, as well as uploading your logo if applicable. “Premium” or “extra” services that each website may offer are NOT included. Any other images / designs / pages that may be required for certain sites for certain aspects of that particular website, are NOT included. This service mainly includes making sure you are registered with the herein stated websites. You will receive full log-in info once the service is complete, wherein you may go back to enable or add additional information to your choosing.]

You Will Get Accounts Registered At:

Facebook, FourSquare, Google Plus, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube.

Want This Much Needed Extra Service?