New Accounts Registration

We offer as a package deal a beneficial service of registering your business on the appropriate social media & review websites for the line of business you are in.
All of your pertinent contact & location information will be listed with these places, for a one-time fee of only $50.
All websites will be registered using YOUR email address. (or a new email account will be setup for you if need be).

[This service includes submission/listing of contact & location data, as well as uploading your logo if applicable. “Premium” or “extra” services that each website may offer are NOT included. Any other images (or designs) that may be required for certain sites for certain aspects of that particular website, are NOT included. This service mainly includes making sure you are registered with the herein stated websites. You will receive full log-in info once the service is complete, wherein you may go back to enable or add additional information to your choosing.]

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